The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected everyone and everything, including the National STOP THE BLEED® Day project. Many planned spring events have been cancelled and we’re glad to report that the National STOP THE BLEED® Day project HAS NOT been cancelled. But we are making some adjustments.

The new STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit Grant Program current application deadline of April 25, 2020 is being moved to May 10, 2020.

Likewise, our very popular STOP THE BLEED® Scholarship Program’s application deadline is being moved to May 10, 2020 (from April 21, 2020). With all of the disruption caused by the pandemic, we wanted to provide more time for applications to be made to these two programs. The Scholarship awardees and Training Kit grantees will still be announced on National Stop the Bleed Day (May 21, 2020). National Scholarships will be distributed in June 2020. State Scholarships will be distributed in October 2020. Training Kits will be delivered in June 2020.

The Trainathon program has been dropped for this year due to Department of Defense’s and the American College of Surgeons’ recommended suspension of all hands-on training.

Finally, we launched a new page on the website late last week to let people know what they can do at home pertaining to STOP THE BLEED®. Please take a look at it and share those ideas with your family, your friends, colleagues, neighbors and anyone else you can think of. As most people shelter in place, we think most people are looking for some productive and positive things we can all do.