Every important cause needs Ambassadors


These special individuals are willing to shout from the rooftops so that more people will learn about the cause and what they can do. 

Are you passionate about STOP THE BLEED®? Help us to engage your community about the importance of learning about how to save the life of someone who is traumatically bleeding by becoming a STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador.

Join those in more than 75 countries helping to drive the campaign around the world so that more people can be prepared to save a life.

And being an Ambassador takes a special person
who wants to be part of something big

Lacey Newman, Wife, Mother, and 2017 Las Vegas Shooting Survivor and STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador

We’re looking for individuals who are willing to spend
some of their time reaching out to their community
via social media, emails, media and however else they
connect to share information about the always evolving
STOP THE BLEED® campaign:

Training information
Kits and Merchandise information
Latest News
New Programs – Scholarships, Grants, Clubs and more

As a STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador you’ll get:

  • Early access to timely STOP THE BLEED® Information
  • Access to the private STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador Facebook group
  • Special Discounts on STOP THE BLEED® Kits and merch
  • All the tools you’ll need to connect your community to the STOP THE BLEED® campaign