In a word – WOW!

What a day National Stop the Bleed Day turned out to be. What an overall effort by so many these past couple of months to generate more awareness of the Stop the Bleed campaign. We saw tons of activity across the country – training events, awareness events, proclamations and more. And tons of social media buzz! It was all that we hoped for and more!

In two words – THANK YOU!

There are so many people and organizations to thank:

The Department of Defense, the American College of Surgeons, The Red Cross and more than 100+ other organizations who partnered with us to get the word out.

The 1000+ Stop the Bleed Hackathon Teams (Check out the winners here).

The 1500+ high school students who submitted essays or videos about why Stop the Bleed is important to complete for the Stop the Bleed Scholarships. (Check out the winners here).

The Stop the Bleed Hackathon and Stop the Bleed Hackathon judges (4 judges for each)!

The 3 organizations that sponsored the Stop the Bleed Scholarship program – Stop the Bleeding Coalition, Z-Medica, LLC and SAM Medical and the organization who contributed to make other programs possible – North American Rescue, Z-Medica, LLC (again) and ARC Herkimer.

To the tens of thousands of people across the country who participated in training events or other activities that helped prepare them or helped create more awareness of what Stop the Bleed is. It all adds up to more lives being saved and that’s what it’s all about.


In three words – NOT OVER YET!

We’ll be announcing the 12 Stop the Bleed State Scholarship winners next week via Facebook – so stay tuned for that.

In July, we’ll be announcing the date for National Stop the Bleed Day 2020