Stop the Bleed is an everyone/anyone kind of thing and the things we are doing with National Stop the Bleed Day are meant to demonstrate that. There are lots of ways to get involved and we just announced two of them.

Scholarship Program

The Stop the Bleed Scholarship program, sponsored by the Stop the Bleeding Coalition, is designed to help both high school students and their schools. Scholarship winners will receive money for post secondary school education and the schools they attend will receive FREE Stop the Bleed Kits. Just launched, we already have seen interest from around the country. Here’s a powerful excerpt from a submission by a student in Nebraska:

"In the aftermath of a natural disaster like our community’s recent flooding, you look to rebuild. You clean the debris, you fix the infrastructure and you examine how you could be better prepared in the future. I believe bringing Stop the Bleed to Columbus High School could be an important part of this rebuilding process for my school and community. It could empower our students – who have recently had their confidence and sense of security shaken – to know that they have the skills they need to not only cope, but to thrive in emergency situations. "

Do you know a high school student in need of money for post secondary school or a school in need of Stop the Bleed Kits? Let them know about this opportunity.


The other program we just launched is the Stop the Bleed Hackathon in partnership with Hackerearth and their community of 2 Million+ developers. The Hackathon is a competition for developers to propose the best tech ideas to help Stop the Bleed continue to grow. It’s open to anyone who knows how to code – so feel free to pass this along, too. We’re excited to see over 100 teams registered to compete (in just 2 days!).

High school students, developers and coders – just some of the types of people who are part of the everybody who can Stop the Bleed.
More ways to Get Involved with National Stop the Bleed Day coming soon!