This post is all about time….

To start, it’s the whole basis for Stop the Bleed – a mismatch of time between when someone needs help and when professional help can arrive (that’s where the rest of us come in).

It’s also time to look back over our shoulders. It’s hard to believe that the STOP THE BLEED® campaign was launched five (5) years ago this month as a White House led initiative. So much has happened since then – millions of people trained, lots of lives saved, and, for the Stop the Bleed community, a growing sense of collective empowerment and resilience. There are too many people and organizations who have made all of this happen to begin naming names here. We’ll just say thanks to you all (you know who you are) who are making a difference in your communities and in the nation.

It’s also time to look ahead as it’s a short seven (7) months from today until the 2021 National STOP THE BLEED® Day. Like last year, we’re looking forward to the STOP THE BLEED® Scholarship program and the STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit Grant program. We’ll also be adding some new programs – so stay tuned and save the date!