National Preparedness Month is one of our busiest months (second to only STOP THE BLEED® Month) and this year it is anchored by bringing STOP THE BLEED® to the 35th annual EMS World Expo in New Orleans (Sep 20th – 22nd). You can find us at booth 556 and, for the first time ever, sign up for a demo of the STOP THE BLEED® Response Point station, which we think is the biggest STOP THE BLEED® innovation since STOP THE BLEED® itself!

We’ll also be introducing a number of new features and updates to the STOP THE BLEED® Licensing Program. These include the new STOP THE BLEED® Instructor Licensing Program and an expansion of the new STOP THE BLEED® Course offering into other languages (first up….STOP THE BLEED® in Spanish!). Coming soon – Italian and more! We’re excited to continue to add to the set of free services we provide to organizations and individuals helping us grow the campaign.

If you are attending the Expo, we’re partnering with TacMed Solutions’ so you can earn your official DoD STOP THE BLEED® certificate while you are at the expo. Find out how to do it here.

If you have some time now, listen to Dr. Levy’s interview on the EMS World podcast.

EMS World is the first in a series of events the Coalition will be participating in this fall. We’ve got events in Hoboken, NJ, several events in NYC and one if Florida booked right now – with more to come! Stay tuned for details on those in the weeks ahead.