To be honest, we really didn’t know what to expect from the Stop the Bleed Hackathon. The Hackathon is a program in partnership with Hackerearth and their community of 2 Million+ developers. It’s a competition for developers to propose the best tech ideas to help Stop the Bleed continue to grow.

We thought if we got at least 100 teams to participate that it would be a pretty big deal (and it is). Interest has been so strong that we blew through that number and many more milestones. We shared a post once we hit 300 teams, thinking we had caught our breath. Then we blew past 400 and 500 and, now 600. It’s so exciting to see all this great interest!

The Hackathon is another terrific example of a way that people can help support the Stop the Bleed campaign and help save lives. It runs until May 14, 2019 (winners announced on National Stop the Bleed Day – May 23, 2019) so there’s plenty of time for more teams to join. There’s no cost. And besides working on something that can make a real difference, there is some prize money for the best ideas! Find out more here.