A huge thanks to everyone who participated in the 6th annual STOP THE BLEED® Day as well as STOP THE BLEED® Month. The STOP THE BLEED® campaign continues to grow with more people getting trained, more states adopting STOP THE BLEED® legislation and more STOP THE BLEED® equipment getting deployed. STOP THE BLEED® Day is a reflection of that as this year marked the greatest amount of activity via social media, general media interest, a record number of grant and scholarship applications and more.

It’s all about helping people to become prepared in case they encounter life threatening bleeding. Being ready to act and save a life if tragedy strikes is empowering and it helps to build resilient communities.

In between now and next year’s STOP THE BLEED® Day and Month, the STOP THE BLEED® Project will continue the STOP THE BLEED® Podcast program and the fast growing STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador program. And stay tuned for more news about the Would You Know initiative!