Training for You

Receive proper training so you can be an “immediate responder” to help someone who is experiencing traumatic bleeding. Be ready to save the life of a family member, a friend, a colleague or a perfect stranger.

There are a number of qualified organizations that provide training and training resources.

American College of Surgeons

The STOP THE BLEED® Course is a class created by the American College of Surgeons and taught around the country by qualified instructors, usually at no cost. This in-person, hands-on class teaches the basics of identifying and treating life-threatening bleeding using tourniquets, wound packing and pressure dressings. It teaches what “immediate responders,” i.e., bystanders can do to stop potentially fatal bleeding before emergency responders can arrive. Search for STOP THE BLEED® classes in your area.

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross Training Services offers both online and in person First Aid/Severe Bleeding classes across the country. For online only, find out more here. For in-person only, or online combined with in-person training, find out more here.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has developed the “You are the Help until Help Arrives” program which teaches five simple steps that may save a life. Find out more here.

The National Center for Disaster Medicine & Public Health

The Uniform Service University’s National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health is an online resource center for STOP THE BLEED® education. It offers a short online tutorial about STOP THE BLEED® and access to further resources. Find out more here.

Train Others

American College of Surgeons – visit this page to learn how to become a certified STOP THE BLEED® instructor. New Instructor Categories just announced!

Interested in becoming an instructor of Red Cross training? Find out more here.