Through proper training and awareness, anyone can be ready to help someone in an emergency bleeding situation. Having the proper equipment at hand also makes a big difference.

These STOP THE BLEED® Kits provide important supplies and special bleeding control tools for those critical initial minutes when a person is injured and bleeding. They are assembled using military grade components and have been tested and vetted by the Department of Defense, the Committee on Trauma and many other Program partners.

Kits and training equipment are available for different environments and applications:

  • Home
  • School
  • Workplace
  • Place of Worship
  • Public Spaces
  • While Traveling


A Basic Kit Contains:

  • C-A-T tourniquet
  • QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing
  • Protective gloves
  • Compression bandage
  • Permanent marker – black
  • Bleeding control instruction card

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