Welcome to the STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador Portal

We have a big challenge and we’re so glad you are going to help!

We’re aiming to train more than 200 Million people in the US and more across the globe so they can be empowered to STOP THE BLEED® if tragedy strikes. That’s more than 200 million mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, students, teachers, colleagues, friends, nurses, doctors, first responders, veterans, grandmothers and many others – basically, it’s everyone. We want people to be prepared to STOP THE BLEED® and we want organizations to be ready, too – schools, faith-based organizations, companies and many others.

Your role as a STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador


your community so they learn about STOP THE BLEED®


awareness of what STOP THE BLEED® is and why it is so important.


with your community and the STOP THE BLEED® campaign.

This Ambassador Toolkit provides you with the ideas and tools you’ll need to get your community interested and excited about STOP THE BLEED®.

In addition, we’ll also send you special STOP THE BLEED® updates from time to time to share with your community and we’ll let you know when there are special events or opportunities.

New Ambassador Perk!
National Preparedness Month Campaign Assets!

National Preparedness Month is a great time to reach out to your community about STOP THE BLEED®. Help us connect with the schools in your community about the new STOP THE BLEED® Club program. It’s free and a great way for them to start or enhance an existing STOP THE BLEED® program.

Download the Flyers and the Social Media Posts below.


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Flyer with logo space

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Social Media Message

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Copy and paste text below:

Take #stopthebleed action for National Preparedness Month. #students can apply to start STOP THE BLEED® Clubs at their school and #anyone can take a course to learn how to save a life. Visit stopthebleedcoalition.org for more info.
@Readygov @FEMA

Ambassador Perk!
STOP THE BLEED® Motivational Poster

A new tool to get more people in your community interested in STOP THE BLEED®. Download the poster and post it around town. Also great for emailing to others so they can do the same.

Connect with STOP THE BLEED®

Be sure to mark your calendar and connect with STOP THE BLEED® social platforms so you
can participate in news and info from the STOP THE BLEED® campaign headquarters.

Download your Ambassador Badge

Let people know you are doing your part in helping to spread the word and create awareness about STOP THE BLEED® and the importance of getting official STOP THE BLEED® training.

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Download Official Department of Defense STOP THE BLEED® Logos

STB Logo

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Social Media Posts

Below are approved messages and images you can use to help spread the word. Check back for new and updated messages.

Message: Join Us

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Copy and paste text below:

Honored to be a #StoptheBleed Ambassador. Anyone can learn to save a life! Check out stopthebleedproject.org to find out how. #NSTBD

Message: Get Trained

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Copy and paste text below:

Join the #StopTheBleed campaign. In under one hour, you can learn to save the life of a friend, a family member, a colleague or someone you don’t know! Visit stopthebleedproject.org to find out more. #NSTBD

Message: Get Involved

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Copy and paste text below:

Are you passionate about #StoptheBleed? Find out how you can join me as a #StoptheBleed Ambassador. Visit stopthebleedproject.org #NSTBD

Backgrounds for Video Calls

Download STOP THE BLEED Ambassador backgrounds for your Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, or other video conference systems.

Click ZIP file icon to download and use your browser options to download the file.

What are the STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador perks?

We also want you to enjoy the benefits of being a STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador. Besides knowing that you are an important part of one of the nation’s largest public health campaigns, here are the other benefits of being part of something big!

You’ll be designated as a STOP THE BLEED® Ambassador

Early access to important STOP THE BLEED® information

Connect with fellow Ambassadors and share ideas

Get special STOP THE BLEED® kit and merchandise discounts

Special recognition opportunities for Ambassadors

Association with well recognized organizations supporting STOP THE BLEED®